Only the educated are free — Epictetus

Resources for Going to College

Here are some resources that readers of this blog may find useful in going to or sending their kids to college: Interview by Jed Macosko: Interview by Karina Macosko: Interview by Jed Macosko: Interview by Jed Macosko: Interview by Karina…

ACTA Celebrates 25 Years

ACTA (the American Council of Trustees and Alumni) does outstanding work helping to restore freedom of thought and expression to American higher education. Here’s a video in which they celebrate their last 25 years. May their work intensify and accelerate…

The Faces of Miracles

A Serialized eBook by Bill Dembski and Alex Thomas The Faces of Miracles is an eBook written by Bill Dembski and Alex Thomas. It will be presented on this blog,, as time permits. My hope is that the full draft will be available here by the end of 2020 (Covid and a move to Texas have slowed down the pace at which chapters are released).

The Making of the Fastest Baseball Pitcher Ever: An Incremental and Integrative Hypothesis

On September 22, 2020, Influence Publishers is releasing my biography, coauthored with Alex Thomas and Brian Vikander, of baseball pitcher Steve Dalkowski. The book is available at Amazon. There’s also a book website: The piece below by my coauthors and me is a more video-friendly version of an “extra” on the website titled “Unraveling Steve Dalkowski’s 110 MPH Fastball.”