Pivoting to Substack

Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided to give Substack a try. I’ve been a blogger since 2005. My preference is for long-form content. But as I’ve discovered here, especially with some of the reprinting of my work at Evolution News, long-form content can be serialized and distributed in more bite-sized chunks

Substack hits all the right chords for me as a writer: it gives all the advantages of a blog, it emails subscribers the full articles put on its forum (unlike blogs), it allows writers to make money off subscriptions, it keeps good stats on traffic and subscribership, and it largely bypasses the search engines since writers can build their brand through word-of-mouth and social media without needing the search engines to push their articles up in organic search.

I will still be posting things here that won’t be appearing on Substack (e.g., more exploratory less finished work). And I’ll give readers here periodically links to posts I did at Substack. Here are three that readers of this blog may find of interest:

I encourage readers who have profited from my work over the years to do a paid subscription to my Substack. I will be posting things for paid subscribers that won’t be accessible to free subscribers.

For those wondering about the funky image below, it is of the Mandelbrot set.