FAQs for Kennedy24 Campaign: Short Statements of RFK Jr Positions

The Ukraine War

SHORT: RFK Jr wants a negotiated peace for Ukraine. He opposes US efforts to use Ukraine in a proxy war to unseat Russia. He believes funds spent on this war should instead support domestic needs, building infrastructure, protecting the environment, and helping the middle class.

LONG: RFK Jr wants a negotiated peace that ends the bloodshed in Ukraine. He is against the US government using this as a proxy war to overthrow Russia and possibly trigger a nuclear confrontation. He thinks the money we are wasting on this war should be spent for domestic needs like public infrastructure, environmental protection, improving our soil and forest management, and more.

Big Pharma

SHORT: RFK Jr prioritizes patients over the “medical-industrial complex.” He aims to end Big Pharma’s control over regulators like the FDA and CDC, eliminating their liability protections. As an experienced litigator, he’s equipped to address this corruption.

LONG: RFK Jr is committed to raising the interests of patients above those of the “medical-industrial complex.” Through regulatory capture, Big Pharma now controls the regulators such as the FDA and the CDC. RFK Jr will end this corrupt merger between Big Pharma and government, removing Big Pharma’s many protections against liability. As an experienced litigator, RFK Jr knows what to do here.

Border Control and Illegal Immigration

SHORT: RFK Jr has visited the southern border, interacting with immigrants, law enforcement, and landowners. Witnessing a massive humanitarian crisis due to foolish Washington policies, he’s committed to securing the border and ensuring fair, humane treatment for immigrants.

LONG: After announcing his presidential run, RFK Jr spent several days at the southern border, talking with many of the different parties involved (immigrants, law enforcement, property owners). Because of foolish policies in Washington, he witnessed at the border a gargantuan humanitarian crisis, with immigrants and citizens both suffering. RFK Jr is committed to ending the border crisis, securing the border while treating immigrants fairly and humanely.

2nd Amendment

As a supporter of the US Constitution, RFK Jr will not repeal or undercut the 2nd Amendment. He is deeply concerned about gun violence in the US. He aims to address the root causes such as depression, drug addiction, and a culture that celebrates death and violence.

Abortion; “My body, My Choice”

RFK Jr is a traditional Democrat on abortion. He is therefore pro-choice. He regards each abortion as tragic. He wants to see abortions limited, as in many nations, to the first trimester. When a developing baby is viable, he thinks it should not be killed.

Economy; Rising Inflation

SHORT: RFK Jr attributes inflation to foolish government policies, like overspending and excessive money printing. He views inflation as a hidden tax that hits the middle class hardest. As president, he’ll address inflation’s roots, including ending government complicity in letting medical and educational institutions overcharge.

LONG: RFK Jr sees inflation as a result of foolish government policies. The federal government needlessly spends too much money (such as on the Ukraine war) and then tries to cover its overspending by printing too much money. For RFK Jr, the worst thing about inflation is that it is a hidden tax and that this tax falls especially hard on the middle class, which he sees as crucial to our democracy. As president, RFK Jr will restore economic sanity by getting at the root causes of inflation. For instance, he will end government complicity with the medical establishment and higher education that allows them constantly to increase what they charge patients and students.


SHORT: Powerful financial institutions, like BlackRock, are outbidding regular homebuyers, pushing homes out of middle-class reach. RFK Jr aims to halt this imbalance. Committed to human freedom, he supports cryptocurrency, opposes CBDCs (central bank digital currencies), and resists financial ploys to debank individuals for ideological reasons.

LONG: Financial institutions have now become so invasive and powerful that just about anything of value can become the object of a financial institution’s takeover. These powerful institutions are trying to capture all US wealth for themselves, thereby gutting the middle class. We’ve seen an example of this lately where financial institutions like BlackRock and Vanguard are outbidding homebuyers, adding homes to their portfolio at the same time these homes are driven out of reach of middle-class homebuyers. RFK Jr would stop this unfair competition. Also, because of his deep commitment to human freedom, RFK Jr is a supporter of cryptocurrency and opposes CBCD (central bank digital currencies). He is especially opposed to current moves by financial institutions to debank people for ideological reasons.

Environmentalism and Climate Change

SHORT: RFK Jr loves nature. As a litigator, he has combated polluters. He champions a sound environmentalism that protects nature from corporate greed. He accepts climate change as real, but believes that merely banning carbon fuels isn’t the solution. RFK Jr encourages advances in technology to improve the environment.

LONG: RFK Jr loves nature. For this reason, much of his professional life has been as a litigator taking on polluters. But for him, the environment is not a club with which to beat political opponents. His is a sound environmentalism that wants to preserve the beauty of nature and protect it from corporate greed. He is not a climate-change denier. At the same time, he realizes that simply outlawing carbon fuels is no solution. Advances in technology to improve the environment are needed and will come, but they cannot be legislated into existence by simply renouncing CO2. On the environment, RFK Jr is principled but also pragmatic.

US Response to Covid-19

SHORT: When Covid-19 hit, the government imposed harsh restrictions. RFK Jr criticized the government’s overreach. He also showed that the Covid-19 vaccine was ineffective and unsafe. He advocated for therapeutics like Ivermectin, which in some countries lowered the per-capita death rate far below that of the US.

LONG: When Covid-19 hit, the government shut down the economy, forced schools online, imposed mask mandates, pressured large segments of the population to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, and in general flouted our Constitution’s Bill of Rights. RFK Jr called out clearly from the start how government and corporations were abusing their powers in dealing with Covid-19. In particular, he saw that the Covid-19 vaccine was in fact no vaccine, neither preventing transmission nor substituting for natural immunity nor showing itself to be safe. He also was proven right about therapeutics such as Ivermectin, which should have found wide use but instead were dismissed and disparaged. Countries that used Ivermectin to combat Covid-19 had a far smaller per-capita death rate than the US.

Commitment to Peace; Taking on the Military-Industrial Complex

SHORT: Citing the Ukraine conflict, RFK Jr argues that the military and defense industries start and perpetuate wars. He underscores how aid given to Ukraine benefits US defense contractors. As president, he pledges to end the corrupt ties between the US military and defense industry.

LONG: The military and the defense industries share a perverse incentive to start wars and keeping them going indefinitely. According to RFK Jr, the war in Ukraine should never have happened, and now that it has happened, it should be settled quickly and diplomatically. But this won’t happen until neocons in the White House are out of power. Of the billions in aid that we have given to Ukraine, much ends up in the pockets of US defense contractors who supply weapons to Ukraine. As president, RFK Jr will end the corrupt merger of the US military and the US defense industry.

Big Tech

SHORT: Big Tech’s power to censor and control threatens our democracy, according to RFK Jr. He himself has faced their censorship through deplatforming on social media. Viewing Big-Tech companies as public goods, RFK Jr will, as president, enforce tight guardrails to check their abuses.

LONG: Through its ability to censor, deplatform, and debank, Big Tech has become the key actor in subverting our democracy. RFK Jr has directly experienced Big Tech’s wrath, having his social media accounts disabled and his videos removed. Big Tech is increasingly controlling the public square and curtailing our freedoms. RFK Jr sees these companies as public goods, and thus as requiring firm guardrails so that all of us are protected from its abuses. As president, he will install and enforce these guardrails.

The Middle Class

SHORT: The middle class is suffering due to a corrupt merger between government and corporate monopolies. Giants like Amazon are outcompeting family businesses. RFK Jr recognizes this crony capitalism and will end its attack on the middle class.

LONG: The middle class has suffered at the hands of a corrupt merger between government and ever larger and more monopolistic corporations. Small family businesses are less and less able to compete effectively against corporate giants like Amazon. Big corporations are becoming the prime owners of our country’s wealth and turning the majority of US citizens into serfs who own less and less and are more and more beholden to corporate masters. RFK Jr understands the problem here, has articulated it, and knows how to defang the crony capitalism that would destroy the middle class.

Reorganizing US Science

SHORT: US science funding, controlled by few agencies and private foundations, often aligns with corporate and government agendas, leading to increased scientific fraud. RFK Jr proposes decentralizing major federal funding agencies to prevent concentrated power from obstructing research and damaging researchers’ careers.

LONG: Science in the US is controlled by a few federal funding sources (e.g., NIH, NSF, DARPA) as well as private foundations. Most of this funding has strings attached, in line with various corporate and government agendas. Ideology is now controlling what research gets done, which in turn has led to a massive increase in scientific fraud. RFK Jr’s solution to this corruption of US science is to reorganize the major federal funding agencies, decentralizing them, and ensuring that no individual or cadre of individuals has so much power that they can hinder worthy research or destroy a researcher’s career.

Reforming US Education

SHORT: US Education is compromised by special interests, with students often failing to acquire basic skills. Higher education’s collusion with government in raising tuitions saddles many students with crushing debt. RFK Jr will end “education abuse,” ensuring affordable, quality education for all Americans.

LONG: Primary and secondary education is increasingly held hostage to special interests, with students that go through the system often failing to acquire the most basic language and math skills. At the same time, higher education, by colluding with the government and financial sector, is able to charge ever increasing tuitions and fees, saddling students with huge debts. As president, RFK Jr will get at this root causes of the student debt problem. He is committed to making education rewarding and affordable for all Americans.

Position on the US Constitution

SHORT: RFK Jr embraces the US Constitution as our best safeguard for democracy. While acknowledging the founders’ flaws, he upholds their ideals. Committed to freedom of thought and expression, he will, as president, end government and Big Tech collusion in censoring and propagandizing Americans.

LONG: RFK Jr embraces the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights, seeing in them a bulwark for our democratic institutions. Fully aware of the American founders’ sins, he nonetheless commends them for their ideals—ideals set forth in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and ideals to which our society must still aspire. At the heart of RFK Jr’s constitutionalism is his unwavering commitment to freedom of thought and expression, which are increasingly under assault and without which we have no democracy. As president, RFK Jr will end the collusion of government and Big Tech in censoring and propagandizing Americans.


SHORT: RFK Jr supports vaccines but challenges manufacturers’ liability exemptions. He opposes the vast increase in mandated vaccines over the last decades given the inadequate safety studies for vaccines. As president, he will prioritize vaccine safety and hold manufacturers accountable for vaccine injuries.

LONG: Contrary to his critics, RFK Jr is not anti-vaxx. His children have been vaccinated, and he sees an important place for vaccines in public health. But he is against vaccine manufacturers having no liability for vaccine injuries as a consequence of Ronald Reagan’s 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA). In the wake of this act, RFK Jr has seen vaccine manufacturers increase the number of vaccines children receive from 3 to 72, vastly increasing their profits from vaccines. Also, he has proven that the vaccine manufacturers are cutting corners, not doing the safety studies to confirm that the vaccines don’t cause more harm than good. RFK Jr, as president, will ensure that vaccines are both effective and safe, and he will hold vaccine manufacturers liable for the injuries their products cause.


RFK Jr, as president, would phase out fracking by ending energy industry subsidies, letting the market gradually shift to cleaner energy forms. An abrupt ban would hurt the economy. Existing oil and gas production would cease only as alternatives emerge. He advocates for a smooth transition to new energy technologies.


RFK Jr wants to keep women’s sports for biological women only. He believes this is a matter of fairness to women, who must otherwise compete at a distinct disadvantage to biological men. He insists on separating transgender from the culture wars, which keep us from healing our nation.