UTD Lecture 9.14.2023: “A Case for Intelligent Design”

I spoke yesterday at UTD — the University of Texas at Dallas — which has an attractive campus in Richardson, just north of Dallas. Allen Hainline, on behalf of a local Reasons to Believe chapter, invited me. Thanks go to Allen and the Reasons to Believe group that made this lecture possible. I had a good time, and it was fun to present on intelligent design, something I haven’t done much of since becoming a tech entrepreneur.

Giving this talk at UTD gave me a chance to update my PowerPoint presentation on ID — the one I do for a general audience. For the benefit of my blog’s readers, I’m including a pdf handout of my slides — click here for the pdf. Below is the lecture as posted on YouTube (recorded with a cell phone, so not of the highest quality).

And here is the flyer that went out to advertise the talk: