Light of the World Bible Memory Course

Back in the early 1980s, an organization called Light of the World Ministries put out a Bible memory course: Light of the World Scripture Memory Course.

The basic course consisted of five cassettes with 100 Bible verses. The advanced course consisted of fifteen cassettes with 300 Bible verses. The Bible verses were grouped into ten on a given topic, covering such topics as faith, healing, and prayer.

Memorization in this course occurred by repetition—as the old Latin saying goes, repetitio mater studiorum (repetition is the mother of studies). Yet the approach taken in this course was not one of mere rote repetition.

The idea was to hear ten Bible verses on a given topic, with a pause after each verse to give the listener time to review the verse in one’s mind or to say it out loud. Once all ten verses had been presented in this way, then the verses were hammered home by repeating them each three times, with no pauses.

While this approach is certainly useful for meditating on Scripture and internalizing its teaching, this is also an effective way to memorize Scripture. Further, this approach could be applied as a teaching tool for many other texts.

Therefore, I decided to dust off this course, transferring it from cassette to mp3. The sound has been enhanced, but it remains obvious that these are old recordings. The version of the Bible here is also one that’s not as popular now as it was in the 1980s, namely, the King James Version.

Nonetheless, I wanted to share this Bible memory course with my readers. Many people like to memorize Scripture. And many English speakers still regard the King James Version as the most beautiful English translation of the Bible.

(Note: A diligent effort was made to track down the original Light of the World Ministries responsible for this Bible memory course, but without success. Other Light of the World Ministries have emerged since, but appear unrelated to the one responsible for this Bible memory course.)