Why I Won’t Watch the NFL

On Friday, October 27, 2017, we laid to rest my Dad at a graveside service (see previous post). My Dad was a WWII vet, and men from the local VFW showed up to present my Mom with a flag (which initially was draped over the casket), as well as to give a gun salute and play Taps. These military honors were deeply moving.

But what struck me most was when the retired officer who presented my Mom with the flag, after he had properly folded it, “took a knee.” In other words, he kneeled in front of my Mom to present her with the flag for my Dad’s honorable service to our nation.

After he kneeled to give my Mom the flag, I couldn’t help but think of the NFL. I thought how shameful it was that the NFL has allowed players to continue to disrespect our anthem, flag, and nation by kneeling. And I also thought how doubly shameful it was that funerals of our vets, where flags are rightly presented to grieving family from a kneeling position, now call into contrast the dishonorable behavior of the NFL.

I now make a point of not only refusing to watch NFL games or highlights, but also changing the channel when anything involving the NFL is on TV.


UPDATE 5/23/18: Looks like the NFL ownership and administration are now going to require players and personnel on the field to stand (see here). It awaits to be seen if the players will abide by this.