Ray Manzarek’s 1973 album

I was a big fan of the Doors in high school and, after Jim Morrison’s death, kept my eyes open to what his fellow band mates were doing. I remember buying Ray Manzarek’s 1973 album THE GOLDEN SCARAB and enjoying his song “The Purpose of Existence Is?” The vinyl of that album has long since been lost and it’s been over 35 years since I last heard that song. It was fun listening to it again today. Here are the lyrics:

Do you think the purpose of existence is to pass out of existence
Is the purpose of existence
Do you think the reason for your being is to give up all your being
Is the reason for your being
Then why are you living, what did you come here for?
You must have wanted something, here you are back for more
Life and its treasures, love sweet pleasure
Don’t let it end, try it again, over and over again
Birth and death, full circle and another incarnation
Life is sweet and oh so neat, the greatest of temptations
Is your world so empty that you want off this cosmic wheel
Is your soul so weary that you think the life you feel is illusion and pain
Ha! You’re just lazy and afraid of life and its danger
To love you’re a stranger.